Preparing your home for sale

Most homes need some minor repairs before being listed for sale.

Here is a short list of items to check, and repair or replace as needed. Some can be done by the average homeowner with basic tools. Others may need some expert assistance.

- Inspect and tighten all loose screws, particularly in bannister railings, door hinges, door knobs
- Make sure that all sliding doors are firmly on their tracks
- Re-attach loose baseboards
- Glue down or nail down loose tile
- Check trim around windows and doors and repair or replace as needed
- Make sure that all doors open and close properly
- Make sure that all windows open and close properly
- Make sure that all locks work
- Fix dripping taps
- Fix any leaks under sinks
- Fix leaking shower and tub faucets
- Fix any leaks in the laundry room
- Replace burnt out bulbs in light fixtures
- Replace burnt out bulbs in lamps

If you need a handyman to help prepare your home for sale - just give us a call.

Depending on the time available, and the condition of your home, here are some other items to consider:

Carpet - does it need to be cleaned or replaced?
Walls - would washing the walls be enough, or should you paint?
Ceilings - When were they last painted? Dingy ceilings can make an otherwise bright home seem dark.
No job is too small!

References are available.

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